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Most likely, your passion for high impact innovation brought you to my website. My passion is to help innovators such as you become more effective. I teach, train, and consult on innovation and strategy. I am where I am in life because of some great teachers and mentors and I seek to pay that forward through my work.

My goal is to keep building and adding new content to help innovators. Other than regular blog posts, I also add white papers and tools. If you wish you become a high impact innovator, do subscribe to my newsletter. It will alert you to new content and tools and latest thinking on innovation. 

My Research

I believe that innovators such as you make the world a better place. You do this through your creativity. My research is aimed at helping you become a more powerful innovator. I combine the power of rigorous research with the simplicity of actionable insights.

I write about different areas of innovation, strategy and business. I have conducted extensive research on innovation management, organizational capabilities, and disruption. I also research and write about strategic thinking, innovation strategy and innovation management. Please see my publications page for my publications and awards.

You can find out how to best use my research on my start page.

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My Background

I am the author of ‘The Dark Side of Innovation’, a book on how not to get disrupted in this age of disruption. The academic community acclaimed my research for this book. I received the best paper award by the International Conference on Innovation and Management. The paper was also published in the International Journal of Innovation in Management.

I am a professor of Strategy and Innovation at the School of Management, Fribourg. Fribourg is a picturesque canton in Switzerland.  Earlier, I was a professor of Strategy at Babson College for over five years.

Prior to this, I had a successful managerial career at Procter & Gamble and Citibank. My passion for innovation led me to seek and excel in roles involving transformation.  For example, I turned around the custodial services business at Citibank. The business was facing massive disruptive forces at that time. I also led the transformation of Citibank’s financial control organization. The same passion helped me lead a large scale organizational transformation project at P&G.

My deep desire to go beyond what I learned about innovation in the corporate world, led me to pursue a Ph.D. I pursued a Ph.D. at Duke University, a leading research institution in the area of innovation. It was one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. It allowed me to converse with and learn from the greatest minds who have ever worked on innovation.

I have lived and worked in seven countries across three continents. These countries are India, Japan, Singapore, Philippines, UAE, Switzerland and the USA. I currently live with my family in the Greater New York area.

My Work

my-workshopSince I am passionate about Innovation, this is where I spend most of my time. I create and share knowledge on innovation and strategy with the aim of making individuals and organizations better innovators.

I teach program on strategy, innovation, and international Business. I have taught students and executives in the USA, Mexico, Switzerland, Singapore and China.

I do extensive work in executive education and facilitation. It involves designing custom programs for organizations. Such programs help clients build new capabilities or solve specific problems. I have worked with companies ranging from large fortune 500 companies to start-ups.  I have trained managers at all levels.

I speak on varied topics on innovation and strategy. I often address audience both in the academic and the corporate world.

My clients value my broad knowledge and deep expertise. This allows me to connect the dots in novel ways. My clients often tell me that they value my ability to ask insightful questions.

You can contact me via email or follow me on Twitter or Facebook. You can also leave a voice mail for me at 617 800 9213.

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