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One of the most rewarding things I have discovered is to share what I learn. I love this whether I am in a classroom, a conference room or a board room. It is one of the most exciting things for me.

Are you are passionate about becoming a high impact innovator? Would you like to transform all you touch with the power of your ideas? Would you like to not only generate high impact ideas but also implement them? Then you are at the right place. Here are a few ways by which you can benefit from my knowledge, research, and experience.

Book me for Executive Training

I have trained thousands of participants across the world. I train managers on strategy, strategic thinking, innovation and transformation. When you need new organizational capabilities, you need custom training. Such a program must be designed for your business needs and organizational context.

I design and deliver custom designed programs depending on your needs. I also design and deliver facilitation sessions and custom workshops for clients. Please see my training section for more details.

Hire me as a Strategy facilitator

When your organization needs to develop a strategy and you need a facilitator, I can help you achieve your goals. By combining my strategy frameworks and deep strategy knowledge with your deep industry knowledge, I help you build a winning strategy. My clients have often been surprised by how much of their organizational and industry knowledge I pick up in a very short span. They have also valued my energy and the questions I ask.

Please contact me for a request for proposal for a facilitation sessions.

Hire me as an Advisor

When you need specific advice on a vexing strategic or innovation issue, you can hire me as an advisor. You may be involved in building new capabilities or solving a particular strategic issue. You stand to benefit from my advisory services if you are dealing with complex issues in the area of strategy or innovation. You especially need my advisory services if you are dealing with disruptive forces in your industry.

Please see my advisory section for more details. If you need to contact me, feel free to email me.

My Value Proposition

Create a world class organization designed to win in the current business environment of constant change and economic challenges. With world class training from institutions such as Duke University and Harvard Business School, a decade of academic experience, and a first hand knowledge of leading change and innovation, I bring cutting edge customized training programs to help your organization take their game to the next level.

Standard and Custom Training Programs

Studies interviewing dozens of CEOs have identified that the largest problem they perceive in their companies today is the lack of knowledge on how to deal with the dramatic and constant change facing their organizations. At times like this, a consulting project is not a long-term sustainable solution. You need to build new capabilities. As an example, when you want to build a culture of innovation or when you are trying to lead a major change initiative that needs new mindsets, you require new skills, mindsets and organizational capabilities.

At such times you need executive education. Pick between off the shelf education or customized training programs created and tailored to your specific needs.

To illustrate, one my clients used my training program to train their team to identify new and better solutions to their on-going issues faster than ever before. They did this via using a customized training program designed to build and improve strategic thinking capabilities in their middle management team.

Another client wanted to train top talent without an MBA education on strategy. They chose a standard program on the art and science of business strategy.

Whether custom or standard, executive education is the right investment in your talent and business. Find out more about which programs will be suitable for your needs by getting in touch.

Leverage years of research, deep domain knowledge and a wealth of industry experience from three continents to increase the value of your business. Unlike traditional consultants, my focus is to not only provide you with the solutions you are seeking but to also enable you to build capabilities that will allow you to drive innovation and transformation on a going basis. My advisory services are best utilized to help business teams find solutions to the specific issues on innovation and transformation or to mentor senior leaders in the midst of major business transformation challenges.

As a trained academician I am dedicated to contributing to the domain of innovation and transformation. I do this by running regular research projects in partnership with leading universities and several companies across numerous industries. Companies participating in such research projects gain deep and invaluable insights into the latest thinking on various issues both from their peer group and from experts across the world.

Implementing the Lessons of ‘The Dark Side of Innovation’

Successful executives who have read the book “The Dark Side of Innovation” have concluded that they urgently need to apply the strategic anticipation and response methodology to their business. Are you one such executive? Are you however concerned that you do not have the needed resources to run another large-scale project for months? With my help you can do this in as little as 2 days via a customized program designed to enable your leadership team implement the process.
The program will be customized for your industry and your business and will leverage the industry expertise of your leadership team.

The key benefits of this program are:-

  • A quick implementation of an intricate process
  • You build a new capability
  • You kick of new initiative portfolio in two days
  • You leverage years of research and experience to learn from the successes and failures of hundreds of other Companies.
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