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Get an introduction to disruption and how to deal with it

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Dedicated disruption page for you to learn about disruption. Tools and techniques to deal with it. Build skills to become a master of disruption.

Understand what is disruption, really

Researchers have studied disruption for over 80 years. But disruption as a phenomenon is different from disruptive innovations. Not all disruptions stem only from disruptive technologies.Not all disruptive technologies lead to disruption.

Learn how to predict and analyze disruptive forces

Firms don’t get blindsided by disruptive events. They underestimate the power of disruptive ideas. So what can you do about this? The answer is superior prediction and analysis skills. Learn how to do that.

Debunk the myths behind disruption

Kodak was not disrupted because it did not innovate. It fully committed to innovation and had the most valuable patents in digital technology. Firms rarely get disrupted due to lack of technology. Then why do they get disrupted? Find out why.

Which industries are facing disruption?

We have entered the age of disruption. Almost every industry faces the threat of disruptive forces. What is driving this? Which industries already face disruption. Find out which ones will face this soon.

Fascinating stories of disruption

Many firms facing disruptive events failed.  What makes great firms fail? More importantly, not all firms that face disruptive forces fail. What make them survive in the face of disruptive forces? What are the lessons you can learn from these stories?

Master tools and techniques to deal with disruption

Go beyond understanding disruption to becoming a master of disruption. Learn tools and techniques to predict, analyze and respond to disruption. Learn ways to design an innovation that may disrupt an industry.

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