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Receiving award
Receiving the best paper award at International Conference on Innovation and Management. Hawaii 2014


  • Best Paper Award
  • Deer in the headlights: Response of incumbent firms to profit destroying innovations, Best Paper award, International conference on Innovation and Management, 2014 (Hawaii)

  • Best Paper Proceedings, AOM
  • Survival, Published in Best Paper Proceedings of Academy of Management, 2005 (Hawaii)


The Dark Side of Innovation (August 2013, Brigantine Media)

This book spotlights profit-destroying innovations and the special cognitive and organizational challenges they pose for managers at incumbent firms. Drawing on fascinating developments in the field of decision theory, as well as extensive research into firms like Kodak, Citibank, Microsoft, Gillette, and Duracell, it shows how rogue innovations have often confused and paralyzed managers at top companies, and led these companies down the path of destruction.

It shows that by becoming aware of profit-destroying inventions, and by adopting a disciplined approach, managers at incumbent firms can overcome natural blind spots in their strategic decision-making. They can spot rogue innovations early and navigate creative, new paths that use such innovations to sustain and even create value. The target audience of this book is business leaders.


Chopra, A. (2007). Inter-temporal Effect of Technological Capabilities on Firm Performance: a Longitudinal Study of the U.s. Computed Tomography Industry (1972-2002). Dissertation, Ph.D.

Duke University, 2007


  • Conducting an effective search for high impact innovation opportunities (IDC Publication, June 2014)

  • Ahead of the curve: New strategic capabilities for the CIOs office (IDC publication, March 2014)

  • A psychological chink in Goliath’s armor that every David should be aware of: The Dark Side of Innovation (Upstart Business Journal, 2014)

  • Managing Innovation (Sales and Service Excellence, February 2014 Issue)

  • Cinco consejos para manejar la innovación empresarial (Americana Latina Business Review, January 2014)

  • How Kodak and Polaroid fell victim to the dark side of innovation (Beta News, December 2013)

  • Why every business needs a corporate Tsunami alert (Life and Health Advisor, November 2013)

  • Five tips for managing innovation (Smart Business, October 2013)

  • Driving Innovation from the CIOs office – Crafting a high impact innovation strategy (September 2013, IDC publication)

  • Lighting Industry at the edge of the unknown (2010, LEDs – Lighting industry trade journal)


  • Deer in the headlights – The response of incumbent firms to profit destroying innovations.  International Journal of Innovation in Management. Ankush Chopra and Rico Baldegger (2015)

  • Idea funnels and their impact on incremental innovations – A cross-country comparative study. Working Paper  (2016)

  • The Capability-Performance Relationship over the Technology Life Cycle: Evidence from the U.S. Computed Tomography Industry, Ankush Chopra, Abhijit Guha and Jaegul Lee (Working Paper) (2015)

  • Market share versus survival as performance indicators (working paper with Jaegul Lee and Abhijit Guha) (2014)

  • What is survival and why do we care? Published in best paper proceedings. Academy of Management. 2005  

  • Barriers to Innovation (Working Paper)

Speaking at various events

Speaking at various events


  • The Dark Side of Innovation, keynote for Chinese business delegation to Switzerland, Fribourg, 2016  

  • Deer in the headlights – response of incumbent firms to profit destroying innovations, International Conference on Innovation and Management, Honolulu, Hawaii. August, 2014  

  • How to deal with the dark side of innovation – Swissnex Boston, April 2014 

  •  Disruptive Business Models – the new entrepreneur, Panel Moderator at Anu Smaran, New Jersey, 2014

  • Crafting a high impact Innovation Strategy – Swissnex Boston, March 2014 

  • Ahead of the Curve: Driving Innovation from the CIOs office, Keynote at CIO Summit Pune 2013 

  • Conducted a learning session for top management team for Osram Sylvania (2010) 

  • Deer in the headlights – The response of incumbent firms to profit destroying innovations (Singapore Management University, 2009)

  •  A runner’s wall in the evolution of technological capabilities (Singapore Management University, 2009)

  • Do technological capabilities become irrelevant, eventually (Academy of Management, 2009) 

  • Dealing with profit destroying innovations – presentation to top management team of the Forum Corporation (2009 

  • Moderator for Panel discussion on Food industry (Babson College, 2009)  

  • Survival, Presented the best paper proceedings article at Academy of Management, 2005 (Hawaii)

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