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If you are like my program participants or my readers, you are a high potential manager. You pursue transformation through your ideas.  You are always seeking ideas and skills that help you make a high impact. You want to gallop towards the results but often find the process slow. You know it should be possible to design and execute high impact innovations in a much better and easier way.


Is this how you feel?

  1. You wish you could get to your big ideas faster
  2. You wish you could navigate the corporate landscape better to get your ideas accepted
  3. You see enormous talent and resources wasted through the innovation process.

I know the feeling very well?

If you feel this way, then you are not alone. I have met thousands of managers across hundreds of companies around the world who have felt the same.

I have also experienced this firsthand during my managerial career. As a manager I found that it takes effort and time to develop high impact ideas.

In fact it was this frustration which motivated me to chart a path into the world of research and academia.

After spending over a decade on research, I understand why this happens. I know why talented managers often fail to achieve their innovation potential.


A Solution Exists

By conversing with hundreds of innovators and through research, I have found solutions. There are concrete ways by which some innovators turbocharge their efforts.

There are methods and tools that allow some innovators to become more effective. This is how highly effective innovators design, navigate and execute big ideas fast.

My Goal in Building this Site

I have learned a lot on innovation through research and working with managers across the world. By sharing these learnings, I aim to help innovators become highly effective innovators. 

This website has resources for innovators of all stripes. Your will find valuable resources irrespective of where you are in your career.

How to use this Website

This website has three components to it:-

  1. A blog which is updated every week. It has ideas, insights, and tools to help you become a powerful innovator.
  2. A weekly email to keep you posted on the latest innovation insights and tools (see below to sign up)
  3. Dedicated resource pages that allow you to pursue a specific topic in more detail. These content pages contain my own content and research as well as curated content. These will help you build absorptive capacity in every area of innovation.

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